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Poster Presentation Dates

Accepted posters are assigned to be presented at designated dates as below:

15 Nov. (Thursday):

-Topic 1 (Advanced delivery systems for healthcare)

-Topic 2 (Tissue engineering and regenerative Medicine)

16 Nov. (Friday):

-Topic 3 (Biointerface and bioactive materials)

-Topic 4 (Healthcare materials at nano and micro scale)

-Topic 5 (Biomaterials for enabling technology)

Poster Presentation Guidelines

1. All poster presenters must bring your poster materials with you.

You have to post your poster between 8:00~9:00 am at the date of your presentation.

- Recommended poster size: 90 cm*120 cm (width * height)

2. Materials Provided by the Conference Organizer:

- Adhesive tapes or clamps

- Our staff on-site will assist you to put up on the poster board with the clips we provide